Afaq Al-Thaqafah Wa' Turath Read in Issue No. 77

15 April, 2012
  • Editorial:Arab College "Manbaau AI Anwar" is the source of light and the saved manuscripts from loss.
  • Knowledge in the Holy Qur'an and it' impact in the formul ation of research methodology ofMuslim cholars
  • Commitment in the wisdom litera ture at Aktham Ibn Saifi
  • The beauty of artistic forming about the poetry of Ibn Hundo
  • Art tampering with AI Khwarizrni' s script by AI Badihi
  • Dar AI Eelm' founded by Banu Ammar in Levant Tripolicontains more than three millions books!
  • Authorship issues and its features during-the eleven and twelve cen.turies at Morocco
  • The contributioo of the Algerian historical School into the verification of the Historical National heritage of manuscr ipt
  • Manuscripts  verification is a need for scientific researches
  • Baghdad structures in the Abbasid period
  • Manuscripts  verification:Peyton Manning Jerseys The answer of Abu Haf EI Fa"i in ruling
  • on giving borses to uncompromising enemy