Beijing International Book Fair

05 September, 2015

 Juma Al Majid Center participates in the Beijing International Book Fair

Juma Al Majid Center participated in the Beijing International Book Fair at its twenty-second session, which was held from 26 to 31 August 2015. The Center issued 113 books. “Helf Al Qawasem” is one of the important book issued by the center. It was written by Victor Men Ionovic and translated by Samir Najm al-Din Stas. This book presents Britain\'s policy in the Gulf in eighteenth century and the first half of nineteenth century from the perspective of a Russian.

The Center participated with books in many subjects, such as history, literature, Afaq Al Thaqafa magazine and the art of book restoration, which reflects the experience of the center in the field of conservation, treatment and restoration of manuscripts and publications.