The Expanded Thesaurus (Maknaz)

28 May, 2016

 The Expanded Thesaurus (Maknaz)

The Expanded Thesaurus (Maknaz) is the largest Arabic trilingual thesaurus available covering all fields of knowledge. It is an indispensable tool for indexers to use suitable terms or descriptors to describe the content of documents, it is also a fundamental tool for researchers to use for retrieval.

The thesaurus includes (53979) terms within (27) main facet codes. The terms contains (28021) descriptors in three languages Arabic, English and French.


The Expanded Thesaurus (Maknaz) Web Specifications:

• The ability to search in three languages: Arabic, English, and French.

• The ability to search via facet code within the main subjects in relation to the same descriptor.

• The ability to search by non-descriptors.

• The ability to search through (KWOC) list using any of the three languages via “contains” feature.

• The ability to left truncate or right truncate the search term.

• The ability to export files in Excel and XML forms


The Expanded Thesaurus (Maknaz) Additional Features:

• 4 thousand additional terms (descriptors and non-descriptors) in three languages.

• Instant update without the need to purchase new editions

• Fast and easy search and retrieval

• The ability to categorize specialized Thesauruses by using facet codes

• The ability to adjust authority feature of descriptors through exporting files in XML form

• Users’ ability to be in direct contact with The Expanded Thesaurus (Maknaz) support team to answer their questions and meet their needs.

• The ability to use the application easily at any time and place without the need to download it .

• The ability to connect to any library program linked to the internet.


The Expanded Thesaurus is a combined effort of three pioneer Arab institutions, working on

its development and update it to remain in the forefront.

Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation

Juma Almajid Center for Culture and Heritage

Dubai Culture & Arts Authority.

Annual subscription according to number of users:

• One user: $ 150

Plus 50$ for each additional user.